Everyday English

Harjoitus 1. Täydennä lauseet vihjeiden mukaan sopivalla imperfektimuodolla.

  1. The Smiths (tapasivat) Pekka, Anna and Ulla at the airport.
  2. They (ajoivat) them to their house.
  3. They (söivät) a delicious dinner.
  4. When Anna and Pekka (menivät) into their room at the B&B, the window was open.
  5. In the room they (näkivät) a pigeon.
  6. The pigeon (lensi) around the room a few times.
  7. At the reception they (antoivat) Anna and Pekka another room.
  8. The Jokinen family (viettivät) a lovely Christmas holiday in St Ives.
  9. They (ottivat) a lot of photos.
  10. After the sightseeing tour, John (vei) Pekka and Anna back to the B& B.