Everyday English

Harjoitus 2. Täydennä sanoilla some, any tai no

The Jokinen family wants to have a surprise birthday party for Anna. For the party, they are going to need 1. food, decorations and flowers. They have 2. balloons from May Day, but they don’t have 3. candles. Tom is going to bake 4. banana bread for the party, but they don’t have 5. brownie mix in the house. Minna is going to the supermarket to buy 6. ingredients for the banana bread and a box of brownie mix.

Minna: Hey! I’m going to the supermarket now. What else (muuta) do we need? Is there 7. sugar left (jäljellä)?

Tom: Let’s see… We need 8. sugar, and bananas for the banana bread. And do we have 9. baking soda?

Minna: I don’t think so. Hmm… we also need 10. canned frosting for the brownies!

Tom: Hey, 11. canned frosting! That thing is awful! I can make the frosting.

Minna: Ok, dear!