Everyday English

Harjoitus 4. Järjestä hätäkeskuspäivystäjän ja soittajan välinen puhelinkeskustelu oikeaan järjestykseen

E: Emergency operator
C: Caller

  • E: Emergency service 999. Do you need the coast guard, ambulance service, fire service or the Police?
  • C: Ambulance service.
  • E: Where is the emergency?
  • C: We’re in the White Rose B & B, room 18.
  • E: What is your callback number?
  • C: It’s 016 409 9977
  • E: Tell me exactly what happened.
  • C: My husband has an asthma attack.
  • E: Is he breathing?
  • C: Yes, but he has shortness of breath.
  • E: An ambulance is going to be there in a few minutes.
  • C: I see. Thank you.
  • E: But please don’t hang up. I’m going to give you instructions.
  • C: Ok!