Everyday English

Harjoitus 3. Täydennä puuttuvat sanat.

Anna and Pekka Jokinen have two adult 1. (lasta), Minna and Jussi. They are both in their 2. (nelissäkymmenissä). Jussi is 3. (eronnut). He has two 4. (teini-ikäistä) children, Kalle and Ulla. Minna has an English boyfriend Tom. He is a 5. (keittiömestari, kokki). They have a 6. (mökki) in Lapland.

John Smith is Pekka’s English 7. (sukulainen). He is an 8. (insinööri) and his wife Catherine is a childcare worker. They have a 9. (tytär), Sophia. Catherine, John and Sophia would like to 10. (kutsua) the Jokinen family to their house for 11. (joulu).

Catherine calls Anna on a 12. (sateinen) Tuesday evening. Anna asks her about their 13. (lento) back to England. Catherine says that it was 14. (miellyttävä) and 15. (ajoissa), but the 16. (juna) ride was 17. (myöhässä) by one hour.

Catherine invites the Jokinen family for a 18. (vierailu). She says that they don’t have 19. (tilaa) for everybody, but there is a wonderful 20. nearby.