Everyday English

Harjoitus 3. Täydennä lauseet vihjeiden mukaan joko verbin yleis- tai kestomuodolla.

Minna and Tom 1. (ovat) at their cottage in Lapland. Minna 2. (lukee) a book and Tom 3. (kokkaa) dinner. They often 4. (viettävät) their evenings in Lapland like this. They usually 5. (syövät) at 7 o’clock. After dinner, they sometimes 6. (katselevat) TV.

Now they 7. (istuvat) at the table. They 8. (syövät) macaroni casserole for dinner. Minna 9. (puhuu) about her new skis and Tom 10. (kuuntelee) to her. They always 11. (istuvat) at the table for a long time.