Everyday English

Harjoitus 3. Täydennä puuttuvat perfektimuodot suomenkielisen vihjeen mukaan.

Anna’s parents 1. (ovat asuneet) in their house in Astoria for sixty years. Anna 2. (ei ole vieraillut) them for three years. The city 3. (on muuttunut) a lot since her last visit. Now Anna’s sister Michelle 4. (on saapunut) for a visit, too. She 5. (ei ole koskaan ollut) to Europe. Anna and Pekka 6. (ovat kutsuneet) her many times, but she 7. ((hänellä) on ollut) very little vacation time: only one week every year, and that’s not enough. Michelle 8. (on suunnitellut) to retire at age 67, so maybe she will have time to visit Europe and Finland then.