Everyday English

Harjoitus 5. Täydennä puuttuvat sanat vihjeiden mukaan.

Cynthia works for a major IT 1. (firma, yhtiö). It has its CSR 2. (pääkonttori) in Finland, but the company is 3. (globaali, maailmanlaajuinen). It has 4. (haarakonttoreita) in many other countries, and they have thousands of 5. (työntekijöitä). Cynthia’s 6. (pomo, esimies) is German, and her team is very 7. (kansainvälinen). They often have 8. (kokouksia) online, so that they don’t have to travel so much. Cynthia’s job is to make sure that they are a green 9. (toimisto). For example, they just print out necessary 10. (asiakirjat).