Everyday English

Harjoitus 1. Täydennä puuttuvat sanat vihjeen mukaan.

Minna and Tom are on their 1. (häämatka) in France. First, they 2. (matkustivat) from London to Paris and from Paris to Nice 3. (junalla). In Nice, they 4. (vuokrasivat auton) because they wanted to see some smaller towns, like Arles. Now they are in Arles, and they want to see the important 5. (nähtävyydet). They go to the Tourist Information Centre and ask for a 6. (kartta). The TI Assistant gives it and shows them their 7. (sijainti). Minna and Tom also buy some 8. (lippuja) to interesting 9. (museot). The TI Assistant also recommends a Van Gogh 10. (kävelykierros). Minna and Tom thank the TI Assistant for the information and start their day in Arles.