Everyday English

Harjoitus 2. Kuuntele ja kirjoita englanniksi niiden esineiden nimet, mitkä kenenkin laukusta puuttuvat.

Jussi: Ok, great… I think I have everything here… I have my clothes, my passport, my money and my mobile phone. How about my medication? Oh no, no medication. And no sunblock!

Tom: Right.. I have books to read and some magazines. How about my camera? Yes, it’s here….What’s missing? My charger! And I also need my towel.

Anna: Let’s see. I have my swimsuit, sunblock and sunglasses here…And my keys and my wallet. How about my brush? Yes, it’s here. But I need an umbrella! And my comb!

  1. Jussi       
  2. Tom       
  3. Anna