Everyday English

Harjoitus 1. Täydennä ravintolakeskustelu vihjeiden mukaan oikeilla sanoilla.

Waiter: Good evening! Do you have a 1. (varaus)?
Catherine: No, we don’t. We would like to have a 2. (pöytä) for two, please. And we would like to sit next to a 3. (ikkuna), if possible.
Waiter: This way, please…. Here are the 4. (ruokalistat). Our 5. (erikoisannos) today is 6. (lohi) with mashed potatoes. Would you like 7. (jotakin) to drink?
Catherine: A glass of white 8. (viini), please.
John: I’d like a pint of 9. (paikallinen) beer and some mineral 10. (vesi), please.
Waiter: Sparkling or 11. (kuplaton)?
John: Sparkling, please.
Waiter: Coming right up.

Waiter: Ok, are you ready to 12. (tilata)?
Catherine: Yes, we are. I’d like the special of the 13. (päivä), please.
John: And I’d like the salmon 14. (keitto), please.
Waiter: Excellent choice.

Waiter: How was everything?
Catherine: 15. (herkullinen), thank you.
Waiter: Would you like some 16. (jälkiruoka)? Our 17. (kakku) is very popular (suosittu).
Catherine: Sounds good, but we need to go. Can we have the 18. (lasku), please? Do you take 19. (luotto) cards?
Waiter: Yes, we do. I’ll be right 20. (takaisin).