Everyday English

Harjoitus 7. Kuuntele, kun Minna ja Tom varaavat lentoja internetissä ja täydennä keskustelun perusteella puuttuvat tiedot.

Minna: Hey Tom, let’s book our flights to London now.
Tom: Ok, are you online?
Minna: Yes, I am.
Tom: Ok, let’ see… We’re going to fly from Helsinki to London… What’s the departure date?
Minna: April 29. And the return date is May 3.
Tom: Right… And the number of adults is two… Or what about Jussi? Is he going to come, too?
Minna: No, he’s not. He’s too busy.
Tom: Ok.. Hey, what about that flight? It leaves in the morning.
Minna: No, it’s too expensive. Let’s take the afternoon flight. It costs only 200 euros per person.
Tom: Sounds good, let’s take it.

  1. Minna and Tom are going to fly to .
  2. Their departure date is the 29th of .
  3. Their return date is the 3rd of .
  4. The number of is two.
  5. Jussi is not travelling, because he is too .
  6. The morning flight is too .
  7. The afternoon flight costs only 200 euros per .