Everyday English

Harjoitus 1. Täydennä puuttuvat sanat vihjeiden mukaan.

Porvoo is a really 1. (kaunis) 2. ((pikku)kaupunki). There are a lot of 3. (mielenkiintoinen) 4. (nähtävyydet) in the Old Town. There is an old 5. (kirkko) on top of a 6. (kukkula). There are also some really nice 7. (kaupat), 8. (museot) and 9. (ravintolat). In the shops you can buy, for example (esimerkiksi), 10. (matkamuistot) and 11. (karkit).

The 12. (kadut) in Porvoo are small and there are old wooden 13. (talot). They are absolutely 14. (viehättävä).

It is good to have a 15. (kartta) when you visit Porvoo. You can get one (sellaisen) at the 16. (matkailuneuvonta).