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Harjoitus 7. Kuuntele, kun Tom luo itselleen profiilia KeepInTouch -sivustolle. Täydennä puuttuvat tiedot profiiliin.


Let’s see… Name… Tom Jonathan Sharp. Nationality: Well, it’s British, of course. Hometown… It is Helsinki now, but I come from London. And work… well I’m a cook. Age… thirty-nine. Family… my partner Minna. Hobbies… well… I like travelling and going to our cottage. Pets… We don’t have any, so no pets. Ok, it’s ready now!

Tom’s profile: KeepInTouch
  • Name: Tom Jonathan Sharp
  • Nationality: 1.
  • Hometown: Helsinki
  • From: 2.
  • Work: 3.
  • Age: 4.
  • Family: Minna (partner)
  • Hobbies: 5. , going to the cottage
  • Pet(s): No pets