Everyday English

Harjoitus 3. Täydennä lauseet be-verbin oikeilla muodoilla.

  • My name is Sophia Smith and I 1. fourteen years old.
  • My parents 2. John and Catherine. They both 3. forty-three years old.
  • My father 4. an electrician and my mother 5. a childcare worker.
  • Our hometown 6. St Ives. It 7. in Cornwall. Our house 8. quite (melko) big and very comfortable.
  • We have a dog, Frank. He 9. ten years old.
  • I 10. a student. My school 11. not very big. I have many friends at school. My best friend’s name 12. Emma. We 13. in the same class (samalla luokalla).
  • My hobbies 14. shopping, swimming and going to the cinema. I like travelling, too.
  • And you? Where 15. you from? And what 16. your hobbies?